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There are many reasons you can get an arrest warrant in Williamson County Texas. Regardless of why, it's important to understand that arrest warrants do not expire until resolved with an arrest or payment of fines. Local law enforcement agencies have access to all warrant records so you should know what your public record shows. You may be asking where do I begin a warrant search in Williamson County? We have made it easy for you to initiate any warrant search with the resources below.

Williamson County Arrest Warrants

Williamson County is no different than any other Texas county with regards to warrants. If you have an arrest warrant in Williamson County you can be arrested anywhere and any time. This particularly applies to the period during the Texas Warrant Roundup. You don't even have to be a criminal to have a warrant for your arrest. Many times people have multiple unpaid traffic fines which can result in an outstanding warrant. The worse part is they may not even know. That's why it's important to find out what your background record shows so you don't end up with a surprise arrest, one that could have easily been avoided. This page has multiple resources to guide you in finding records in Williamson County.

Arrest and Inmate Search in Williamson County
As with most counties in Texas, the sheriff's office is the best place to begin a warrant search in Williamson County. Since the duty of the sheriff is to ensure public safety to all citizens, it makes sense that they handle criminal records and the corrections division for Williamson County including the county jail. Both departments will be able to assist you in finding arrest or jail records you need. The Williamson County sheriff's department is located at 508 S. Rock St., Georgetown, TX 78626 if you want to visit the physical address.

If you would like to search an inmate in Williamson County you can do that straight from the sheriff's website. All you need to know is the person's first and last name. You can also search by the date they were booked or released.

If you decide to go to the sheriff or corrections facility in person be aware that if you have a criminal warrant in your name you risk being arrested on the spot. It's best to hire a lawyer in criminal cases. A layer will represent you and help you navigate the judicial system in your best interests and could possibly keep you out of jail.

Statewide Search Options
If you need to broaden your search for records the convenience exists to conduct an online search for the entire state of Texas. One government resource is the Texas Department of Public Safety. From this link you can access a search for criminal records or conduct a sex offender search. Records will include offenses higher than a class B misdemeanor. For security purposes you will need to sign up with a username and password.

Another valid government resource is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. You can run an offender search and get information on people currently imprisoned in a TDCJ facility. You have the option to search by name, TDCJ number, or SID number. You may want to try both search tools depending on the records you're looking for.

For your benefit you can also run a country wide search directly from this page. In the search box above, simply type the first and last name of the person you want  to search and choose a state before hitting the search button. Our database will instantly show any available records on file for that person. Once you are a member you can search arrest records in all 50 U.S. states including Texas.

Williamson County Court records
Court records can be found through the county clerk and district clerk offices that serve Williamson County. From the county clerk's page you can access an online civil and criminal case records search tool. There you will find links to search jail records, court records, civil records and criminal records. The county clerk is located at 405 Martin Luther King St, Georgetown, TX 78626 if you feel more comfortable visiting them in person.

If you don't find the records you're looking for at the county clerks office or if you need records for felony cases, you can refer to the district clerk. Their office is conveniently located at the Williamson County Courthouse, 710 Main Street Georgetown, TX 78626. You can call them at 512-943-1100 with any questions pertaining to records. If you go in person they charge $1 for each page and $5 for a certified document.

Victim Services in Texas
If you have been a victim of a crime in Texas you can access the Statewide VINE system to obtain information regarding the status of an offender. You do this by registering to receive notifications when an offenders has a change in status or is released from jail. The VINE toll-free number for the Texas Statewide VINE system is 877-894-8463. All crime victims have a right to know the status of their offenders location to give them peace of mind. VINE provides notifications via phone, email, TTY, and text message where available.

The Facts You Should Know About Texas Arrest Warrants
An outstanding or active warrant in Texas is one that hasn't been executed or resolved by an arrest or payment of fines. The Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Art- 15.16 outlines what constitutes an arrest warrant in Texas. There are many reasons you may have a warrant in your name. The most common reasons are committing a crime against a person or the state or not paying traffic fines. Due to the large population of Texas many of these warrants go unresolved. Hence, the importance of enforcing the law during Texas Warrant Roundup that occurs every year in February and March. If you have a warrant in your name, know that you can be arrested at any time and place when the roundup is happening.

A warrant in Texas is needed to bring offenders into custody that committed a crime which wasn't witnessed by law enforcement. Faced with the task of solving a crime, law enforcement must present probable cause to get an arrest warrant issued against a suspect. Probable cause means that the person who's name is on the warrant most likely committed the crime in question.

A judge needs to rule there is enough evidence to justify an arrest warrant. If so, then the judge will issue the warrant making it legal for law enforcement to apprehend the individual and bring them to court to answer for the crime committed. The warrant is considered served when the person named on the warrant has either proven their innocence or if guilty satisfies the punishment given to them by the court.

As you can see it's extremely important to know if you have an active arrest warrant in Texas and the importance of resolving that warrant a soon as possible..

Williamson County Arrest Warrant and Court Records Search
Williamson County Sheriff's Office/
Corrections Division

508 S. Rock St.
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: 512-943-1300
Fax: 512-943-1444

Williamson County Justice Center
County Clerk

405 Martin Luther King St
Georgetown, TX 78626-4901

Mailing Address County Clerk                  
P. O. Box 18
Georgetown, TX 78627-0018

Williamson County District Clerk
County Courthouse

710 Main Street
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: 512-943-1100

Mailing Address District Clerk
P.O. Box 24
Georgetown, TX 78627
Main Phone: (512) 943-1212

Williamson County Main Site

Williamson County Sheriff's Site

Williamson County District Courts

Williamson County County Courts
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