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Due to the Texas Public Information Act, all counties in Texas are obligated to make background records available to those who request them. Webb County in Texas makes sure that arrest records, outstanding warrants and court records are accessible to the public for this reason. Whether you're looking up criminal records for another person or wondering what your personal background check shows, it's easy to conduct a warrant or court record search in Webb county with the knowledge and access to the right resources.

Web County Warrant and Inmate Search
You may be asking yourself, where do I begin such a warrant records search. The county makes public records available through the various government offices that run the county. As with other Texas counties, the Sheriff's Department of Webb County is a great place to start any warrant search. Their database includes the majority of criminal records maintained by local authorities in Webb County.

If you want to request a personal background check you can go in person to the county sheriff which is located at 902 Victoria Street, Laredo, Texas. Their phone number is 956-523-4500 if you want to call ahead. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID such as a driver's license and your social security card. Both of these are needed to verify your identity or you may be denied the request. The cost for a background check is $10 and only money orders are accepted so be prepared before you go.

The sheriffs department oversees the Webb County jail which is located at 1001 Washington Street, Laredo, Texas. Their main number is 956-523-4400. There you will be able to get information on jail records and inmates in custody. Another source to conduct an inmate search and/or jail record search is the Webb County Detention Center. The Detention Center's address is 9998 S. Highway 83, Laredo, TX and there phone number is 956-723-1985.

Statewide Arrest Records Search
To expand your arrest records or warrant search statewide you have a few options available within the state of Texas. The first place we recommend is the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can access criminal records online through their Computerized Criminal History System that will show convictions of a class B misdemeanor or higher that have been reported to the Department. In order to use the search tool you will need to sign up with a username and password.

The other statewide resource is the Offender Information Search tool which is managed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This tool allows you to conduct an inmate search for offenders incarcerated in a TDCJ correctional facility. You have the flexibility to search by name, TDCJ number or SID number of the person you're searching for depending on what information you have on hand.

Webb County Court Records
If you need court records in Webb County head over to the District Clerk which is the registrar, recorder, and custodian of all court pleadings, instruments, and papers used in any civil or criminal district court case. To lookup case numbers, the District Clerk has an online search page that allows you to search for records by date and court. The District Clerk can be located at 1110 Victoria Street,Suite 203, Laredo, TX and their phone number is 956-523-4268.

The County Clerk of Webb County is the other place to go for court records. The role of the County Clerk is the recorder and custodian of vital statistics, deeds, contracts and legal documents for the county. They are conveniently located in the same building as the District Clerk only in suite 201. To call dial 959-523-4266.

The Facts You Should Know About Texas Arrest Warrants
If you have an outstanding arrest warrant in Texas it means you are wanted in relation to a crime that has been committed. Having an arrest warrant in your name doesn't mean you are necessarily guilty, but it does mean you can be arrested anytime and place. A warrant for arrest does not expire and is considered unserved until an arrest is made or the case has been resolved through payment of fines. The Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Art- 15.16 describes in detail the code of criminal procedure,

You don't have to be a criminal to have an active warrant in your name. You can get an arrest warrant for owing the sate overdue traffic fines. Many of the warrants in Texas are of this nature to collect debt owed especially during the Texas Warrant Roundup that occurs every year. That's why it's important to conduct a background check in your name to find out if your record is clean.

A warrant is needed for a legal arrest of a suspect that committed a crime not witnessed by law enforcement. Due to the U.S. Constitution that protects citizens right, you can not be arrested for a crime for no reason. In order to be arrested there must be probable cause that you in fact did commit the crime in question. Law enforcement must present evidence to a judge to show probable cause exists in order to get an arrest warrant against you. The judge will rule whether or not there is enough evidence to justify an arrest warrant. If there is, the judge will issue a warrant in your name making it legal for law enforcement to arrest you so you can answer for the crime committed. You will have the right to hire a lawyer and prove your case after being taken into custody.

For an arrest warrant to be valid it must clearly state the person to be arrested. If the name is unknown, a detailed description of the person must be given with identifying physical marks so law enforcement can easily identify the suspect. A valid arrest warrant includes an adequate showing of probable cause, is issued and signed by a neutral judge, describes what you' are being charged with and does not contain false information.
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