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Montgomery County in Texas runs a transparent government by making public records available to those who make a request. This is due in large part to the Texas Public Information Act. The types of records the public can access in Montgomery County include arrest records, outstanding warrants, court records and public records. There need be no reason given to obtain these records. On this page we have listed links for Montgomery County resources to help get started in searching arrest records and warrants in Montgomery County Texas.

Montgomery County Arrest Warrants

Montgomery County is one of the larger counties in Texas. With that comes the potential for a high crime rate. If you have an arrest warrant in Montgomery County the police have the authority to arrest you at any time. Any warrant that hasn't been resolved becomes an outstanding or active warrant with the court system. It's important to know if you have a warrant in your name so you can clear yourself by paying the fine or hiring a lawyer to help you in a criminal case.

For a warrant to be valid it must state the person’s name or describe identifying features if the name is not known. It must also state the crime the person is accused of and be signed by a judge in order for law enforcement to carry out a legal arrest. A judge determines whether or not to issue an arrest warrant based on probable cause. This is proven by evidence gathered against the suspect that shows their almost certain involvement in the crime committed. Once the judge has considered all evidence and probable cause has been established then an arrest warrant is issued to bring forth the suspect so he/she can answer to the crimes they are being charged with. Since America is based on the premise that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty, you will have your time to build a case in your defense.

Conducting a Warrant Search in Montgomery County
If you've been involved with the law in Montgomery County and are not sure if there is warrant for you, the best resource to find out is the Criminal Warrant Division which is part of the Sheriff's Office. The Warrant Division is responsible for the execution and keeping of all records generated by the county and district courts.

From the sheriff's website you can go online to fill out an open records request form. Make sure to fill out this form as completely as possible. You have the option of having them mail the reports to you or notify you when the records are ready and pick them up person at the address below. The Records Division is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Due to their nature, some requests may need the approval of the Texas Attorney General. If so it may take up to 60 business days to for the records to arrive.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Warrant Division
1 Criminal Justice Drive
Conroe, TX 77301
Phone: 936-760-5884; 281-364-4200 extension 5884
Fax. 936-760-5834

Other ways to submit an open records request form for Montgomery County:
•Email the form to
•Fax the form: -936-760-5826
•Mail the form to  the sheriff's office, 1 Criminal Justice Drive Conroe, Texas 77301

Doing an Arrest Records Search
From the sheriff's site you can search recent arrests by name using the Montgomery County arrest records tool. For expanded search options, you can use the Texas Department of Public Safety's criminal search tool. You must sign up with a username and password in order to use the search, but it's well worth it since the results cover the entire state of Texas not just Montgomery County. Any records you find will be for offenses more serious than a class B misdemeanor.

Montgomery Court Records
Court records in Montgomery County are kept by the district clerk and county clerk offices. They are your best resource for any type of records whether it be civil or criminal that occurred in Montgomery County. The district clerk provides public access to an online search for criminal and civil cases in addition to a secure public access search where you will have to sign in with a user ID for security purposes.

The mailing address for the district clerk is P.O. Box 2985, Conroe, TX 77305. If you need to call them the phone number is 936-539-7855. The county clerk is located at 210 West Davis, Conroe, Texas  77301 and their phone number is 936-539-7885. If you need information for the East County Annex or the South County Annex departments click here. A list of court addresses and numbers can be accessed from this link.

You always have the option of searching court records, public records, and criminal records from this page. Just type in the first and last name of the person you need records for and our search system will pull up records instantly. The benefit is you will get results for all U.S. States not only Montgomery County in Texas. That way you can broaden your search. It's easy, confidential and 100% guaranteed.

Crime Stoppers
If you have information about a crime in Montgomery, Liberty or San Jacinto County you like to share with local law enforcement in an anonymous way, Montgomery County Crime Stoppers allows you to do this. You can call them at 1-800-392-7867 (STOP) or use an app on your phone to send in information. If your lead turns into an arrest you may even be able to receive a cash reward for you help in fighting crime. It's a great way to serve your county and help keep your family safe without compromising yourself.
Montgomery County Arrest Warrant and Court Records Search
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (Jail & Warrant Division)
1 Criminal Justice Drive
Conroe, TX 77301

Montgomery County Administration
501 North Thompson, Suite 401
Conroe, Texas  77301
Phone: 936-756-0571

Montgomery County Clerk
210 West Davis (Hwy 105)
Conroe, Texas  77301
Phone: 936-539-7885
Fax: 936-760-6990

Montgomery County District Clerk
P.O. Box 2985
Conroe, TX 7730
Phone: 936-539-7855

Montgomery County Main Site

Montgomery County Sheriff's Site

Montgomery County Crimie Stoppers

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