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To carry out any warrant search in Collin County Texas it's important to know where to go to find out of you have a warrant in your name. Collin County is a major county in the state of Texas. Collin County offers an open record policy making it easy to search arrest warrants online. On this page we have provided you with valuable information and resources to get you started on your Collin County warrant search.

Collin County Arrest Warrants

Collin county's population is estimated at 782,341 citizens. The Collin County court office in Texas maintains a current database of criminal activity and county records for the jurisdiction. They manage all cases filed in the county courts at law including class A and class B misdemeanors, criminal cases, class C appeals and civil law suits. Records provided by the court office can include criminal records, arrest records, outstanding warrants, property records, marriage/divorce records, court records, birth/death records, property records and more.

The Collin County Courthouse is located at 2100 Bloomdale Road, McKinney, TX 75071 if you desire to go in person. Or you can contact them by phone at 972-548-4100. Someone will direct you to the right department to access warrant and arrest records. You can also search on the Collin County government site for active warrants, inmates, and court cases.

Here is a link to the Collin County Court directory should you need address and phone numbers or other information.

Locating Arrest Records and Court Documents
To find county court dockets, visit the County Clerk office at 2300 Bloomdale Rd. Suite 2106. McKinney, TX 75071. Their phone number is 972-548-4185. If you are interested in district court files, visit the Collin County district clerk office which is in the same address as the Collin County Courthouse. They are located at 2100 Bloomdale Rd. Suite 12132. McKinney, TX 75071 and can be reached by phone at 972-548-4320 (McKinney) or 972-424-1460 ext. 4320 (Metro). For copies of court documents, please contact the District Clerk at 972-548-4320.

Collin County Jail and Inmate Search
To search for an inmate in Collin County please visit this link. The web site will allow you to locate inmates in the jail as well as inmates that were released within the last 24 hours .

If you're looking for arrest records you you can use the counties public website for an arrest record search . You will need to know the defendant's  full name and date of birth. Another source to find criminal records and arrest records is to use the  Texas Public Safety database which contains criminal history and sex offender  information. 

Collin County Sheriff Office
To obtain copies of court records in Collin County you can contact the sheriffs office. Open record requests can be made in writing for a small fee, to be paid by cashiers check or money order. The types of records are as follows; accident reports, offence reports, 911 recording CD's, booking face sheets, dispatch logs, etc. There is a nominal fee to obtain these reports usually around $6.00. 

The Facts You Should Know About Texas Arrest Warrants
In Texas you can not be arrested for a crime if it wasn't witnessed by law enforcement. In order to be arrested there must be an arrest warrant issued in your name. Police must present probable cause to get an arrest warrant against you. A judge needs to rule there is enough evidence to justify an arrest warrant. If so, then the judge will issue the warrant making it legal for law enforcement to apprehend you and bring you to court to answer for the crime committed.

An outstanding warrant in Texas is one that hasn't been resolved yet. Once you have an outstanding warrant in your name, you can be arrested at any given time and place, especially during the Texas Warrant Roundup. It’s extremely important to do a search and find out if you have an active arrest warrant in Texas.

An arrest warrant must clearly state the person to be detained, either by name or identifying physical marks if the name is unknown, to give law enforcement a reasonable description of the individual. A valid arrest warrant is one that contains an adequate showing of probable cause, is issued by a neutral magistrate, and does not contain known or reckless falsehoods. The arrest warrant must state what you're being charged with, if the offense is against the state or a person and must name and describe these charges in detail. The warrant has to bear the signature of the issuing magistrate and the name of his office in order for it to be legally enforced.

The execution of warrants has been handled in the Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Art- 15.16. Arrest warrants are considered served when the accused is taken into custody. The law states that when a warrant is issued in the name of a person, the individual at whom it is directed shall arrest the offender without unnecessary delay and take him before the magistrate who sanctioned the arrest order. If the arrest occurs in a county outside of that in which the order was issued, the arrestee will be taken to the nearest court or a magistrate in the county where the person was apprehended.

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Collin County Arrest Warrant Search
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Collin County County Clerk
2300 Bloomdale Rd
Suite 2106
McKinney, Texas 75071

District Clerk Office
County Court at Law
Collin County Courthouse
2100 Bloomdale Rd
Suite 12132
McKinney, Texas 75071

Collin County Sheriff Office
4300 Community Ave.
McKinney, Texas 75071

Main: 972-547-5100
Jail: 972-547-5200
Metro: 972-424-4797
Fax: 972-547-5304
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