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Bell County in Texas honors a transparent government by allowing public records to be accessible to those who request them based on legislature set forth in the Texas Public Information Act. These records include arrest records, outstanding warrants, court records and background records. If you think you may have an arrest warrant in Bell County I urge you to take advantage of the information and search options available on this page. A Bell County warrant means you can be arrested anytime and place since your name is on the warrant list that all law enforcement have access to.

Searching Bell County Warrants
The Bell County sheriff's office maintains law and order for it's jurisdiction, therefore it's a good place to begin when conducting any arrest warrant search. The department handles felony and misdemeanor warrants in addition to managing the county jail. You can visit them in person at 104 S. Main Street in Belton, Texas.

If you're searching for jail records or current inmates the sheriff allows you to search people incarcerated in Bell County using their inmate inquiry portal. You can search by name, booking number, booking date, or global subject number. It's updated on a regular basis and even provides a list of today's bookings.

From the Bell County sheriff's page you can access a sex offender search that the Texas Department of Public Safety has posted online. Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure makes it mandatory for sex offenders to register with local law enforcement as a sexual offender. This information is available to those who request it. Bell County registers offenders with the Department of Public Safety who reside in the rural neighborhoods of Bell County. Also, this link offers a map view of all registered sex offenders so you can see where these offenders are living.

Bell County Court Records
The county clerk and district clerk of Bell County hold court records pertaining to all court proceedings that take place in Bell County. Both the county and district clerk's can be found at 1201 Huey Road in Belton, Texas if you want to obtain records in person.

The county clerk is open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. There you will find city/probate records (254) 933-5174, criminal records (254) 933-5161, property records (254) 933-5171 and vital records (254) 933-5165. The county clerk can help you locate misdemeanor records. You are required to send in a request form for these types of records. Fill it out as completely as possible, sign and date it and mail it back to:

Bell County Clerk’s Office
Criminal Record Search
P.O. Box 480
Belton, Texas  76513

The Bell County District Clerk offers an online search for civil cases in which you can search by name, attorney or date. You can request criminal records from the district clerk by following the procedures outlined in this link. The fee is $5 per name and you can download the form to fill out here. Please note, the District Clerk does not provide information regarding warrants. If you need warrant information you should contact 254-933-5431.

To obtain a criminal background check on any person you must contact the criminal department of the District Clerk's Office at 254-933-5200. They require that all requests be made in writing and on agency letterhead. Anyone can request a criminal background check, but the fee is $5 per request.

Getting a Record Expunged in Bell County
If you want to get a record removed from your personal file you will want to file for expungement. In order to start the process you will need to file such a request with the District Clerk's Civil Department. The request for expungement will only be legal if it's granted and approved by a judge. As always to get a record successfully removed it's advised to hire a lawyer to assist you with the process. There are fees associated with filing an expunction so you will want to find that out up front before you decide to go forth with removing any records.
Bell County Arrest Warrant and Court Records Search
Bell County Sheriff Department
104 S. Main St.
Belton, TX. 76513
Jail: 254-933-5400
Records: 254-933-5420
Warrants: 254-933-5431

Bell County Central Jail
111 W. Central Ave.
Belton, TX. 76513

Bell County Loop Jail
2405 S. Loop 121
Belton, TX. 76513

County Clerk of Bell County
1201 Huey Road
Belton, Texas  76513

District County Clerk of Bell County
1201 Huey Road
Belton, Texas  76513

Bell County Government Site

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