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If you think you have an arrest warrant in Anderson County Texas there are county wide and state wide options to help you in your search. Having an arrest warrant in Anderson County means you can be arrested at any time. It's important to know so you can address an arrest warrant to avoid a surprise arrest. Anderson County practices an open records policy so any arrest warrants and court records recorded with the county are available to all citizens.

Anderson County Arrest Warrants
When searching for arrest warrants and court records in Anderson County the best place to start is the county sheriff. The sheriff's duty is to protect and defend the citizens of Anderson county. For this reason this office has a special division to process and keep arrest records that have been issued by the court system. Their number is 903-729-6068 and their address is 1200 E. Lacy Street. In Palestine, Texas. The following numbers are useful when searching for arrest records beforehand: Civil Records 903-723-7882, Sex Offenders 903-723-7885, and Warrants 903-723-7881.

Statewide Search Options for Arrest and Warrant Searches
Expanding a search statewide is easy with the online tools offered by the state of Texas. The Texas Department of Public Safety has a Criminal History Search System that will allow you to search convicted cases that have been reported to the Department. The information you will find is for persons arrested for class B misdemeanors or greater. This service requires opening an account and signing up with a username and password.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is another great resource for searching arrest and warrant records in Texas. Their site offers an offender search which allows you to search information on people currently imprisoned in a TDCJ facility. You can search by name, TDCJ number, or SID number depending on what information you have on hand.

You can always conduct a search directly from this page which will access records for the entire United States. It's easy and convenient. Start by typing in the first and last name of the person you want to search in the search box above, then choose a state to search in. Our database will pull all available records on file for that person.

Court Records in Anderson County
In order to search court records you need to know what a court record is. A court record is a document that has been filed as an official record with the office of the county recorder or recorder of deeds. Any time a life event happens or a case goes to court there is a record of the proceedings. Court records can include marriage/divorce records, birth/death records, property records, arrest records, criminal records, and outstanding warrants.

To find court records in Anderson County, the places to search are the county clerk and the district clerk offices. Both offices process court dockets including criminal ones for the county. For the most part the county clerk handles misdemeanor cases while the district clerk handles felony cases. They share the same address for your convenience which is 500 N Church, Palestine TX. The county clerk can be found in room 10 and the district clerk in room 18. You can request court dockets either by mail or showing up in person. You can pay criminal fines online for both the county and district courts from the County Clerk's website. You will need to know the cause or case number in order to do so.

You can access a list of courts in Anderson County from this link if you need to find a specific court house. Address and contact information such as phone and fax numbers are posted for each location.

Anderson County Sheriff's Office
1200 E. Lacy Street
Palestine, Texas 75801
Phone: 903-729-6068
Fax: 903-729-3022

Anderson County Clerk
Physical & Mailing Address:
500 N Church Rm 10
Palestine TX  75801
Phone: 903-723-7402
Fax: 903-723-4625

Anderson County District Clerk
500 N. Church St. Rm  18
Palestine, Texas 75801
Phone: 903-723-7412
Fax: 903-723-7491

Anderson County Courthouse
500 North Church Street, 3rd Floor
Palestine, Texas 75801
Phone 903-723-7469
Fax 903-723-7814

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Anderson County Arrest Warrant and Court Records Search
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